About the Owner: Jeff Fisher

Jeff Fisher

Jeff Fisher, Owner

For the past 20 years I have been selling and installing quality replacement windows here in the New England area. Jeff Fisher Windows Inc. has grown from one-man show doing about $100,000/year in sales… to a 6 man team approaching the $2 million sales level. I began learning about construction as a laborer for a mason at age 16. I then became an apprentice carpenter at 18, working for my dad’s company, Pinewood Remodeling.  Eventually I learned to frame houses with a local builder. I attended Boston University along the way and earned a BS in Business Management, majoring in Finance and Marketing. At age 25, having framed homes and worked in remodeling for the better part of 8 years… I joined the Peace Corps. I served in Cameroon, Central Africa for almost 3 years, teaching at a private Technical High School where I was eventually made the Vice Principal. I returned from Cameroon in late 1994, and started my company the following year.

My approach to business is much like my outlook on life. In the end, you reap what you sow. My customers appreciate the fact that I am an honest guy. When you buy windows from us, you are buying from real people. These days there are too many companies trying to sell you something you don’t need. I try to give good advice to all my potential customers. I don’t carry just one brand of window… I carry many choices, all from the top manufacturers in the area. There are times when I talk people out of doing their windows… or tell them to restore instead of replace. I don’t like it when someone pressures me into a sale, so I never pressure my customers.

I strive to treat my employees with this type of respect as well, basically how I wanted to be treated when I was an employee. I provide Health Insurance, matching 401Ks, paid vacations and holidays. And I try to give them as many benefits as possible. For this I am rewarded with honest, hardworking men … who show up to work with positive attitudes. I can’t tell you how many letters we get telling us how professional and friendly and friendly the crew is.

Personally, my family is the most important thing in the world to me. I try to not work weekends nor do I want to work nights. I have 3 great kids and would rather work less and spend more time with them. Selfishly, I’m addicted to golf.  I love the game.  Keeps my competitive nature satisfied.  Love the fact that it represents honesty and integrity.  (You call penalties on yourself.)