Before and After Your Replacement Windows are Installed

Before Installation

  1. We generally call you 2-4 days prior to installing your windows. We arrive between 8:30 and 9:30am and usually finish the job around 4:30pm.
  2. Move small knickknacks away from windows.
  3. Remove any blinds, shades or window treatments.
  4. Clean areas around windows to help things go more smoothly.
  5. If you are aware of any bees nests, please spray before we come.
  6. Take down or move expensive or cherished articles from walls and tables.

After Installation

  1. Plan on touching up paint inside and out.
  2. Plan on touching up paint for exterior trim unless covering with aluminum.
  3. Leave window stickers on if you are getting an inspection or keep them in a safe place if you are getting any kind of rebate.
  4. Some shades may need to be cut or replaced if mounts are inside window frame for older windows.
  5. Plan on giving your windows a trial cleaning. We do our best to keep them clean during installation, but we are not expert window washers.
  6. Tell your friends about your pleasant experience.
  7. Have a check ready for balance following completion of contract.