Choosing the Right Window Replacement Contractor

Many window companies have a section on their website that tells you how to choose the right company to install your windows. In the end, they make their own company seem like the logical choice. We have been selling windows for 18 years now and we believe in giving people useful information, quality products/services and honest opinions.

Here are some things we have learned about along the way and would advise being aware of:

  • Watch Out For Scams

    Rebates and tonight only discounts are generally signs of inflated prices. Celebrity pitch men, long and drawn out sales presentations are all signs of a scam. Discounts are generally available during the off season. They should not be offered and pulled away if you don’t sign that instant. Trust your gut and do some research.

  • High Pressure

    If the price drops every half hour, you may be getting the big sales pitch. A phone call to the office and suddenly an even lower price. Don’t get fooled.

  • Positive vs Negative

    If the salesperson goes out of their way to show you the bad points to everyone else’s windows, that usually triggers red flags. Listen to the good points of the sale and discount the bad. Everyone thinks they have the best window.

  • Licensed & Insured

    It does not always mean what you think. In Massachusetts, you need 2 licenses to install windows… a Home Improvement Contractor’s license and a Construction Supervisor’s license. We have both and post them on our website. Insured can mean a contractor has a minimum $300,000 General Liability Policy, and no worker’s comp. We carry a $2 million Liability policy and Full Worker’s Comp on all our employees.

  • No Subcontractors

    They may say they have their own crews, but make sure they are employees. Request certificates of insurance, especially worker’s comp. I have always felt that hiring someone with employees is a more desirable choice… there is more pride and care taken in the work performed.

  • Choices

    Most windows look the same, and the average homeowner will be happy with any improvement. Time is the true test of a window’s durability. Choose a contractor that offers you a choice. If they just sell vinyl windows, you will be told to stay away from wood windows. If you haven’t heard of a window, and the salesman takes 2 hours to describe why you should be buying it… chances are there is a better… more reasonably priced alternative. All of the manufacturers offered by Jeff Fisher Windows are among the industries most respected name brands. Good Luck.