Harvey Majesty Wood Windows

Harvey Industries, Harvey Majesty Wood Windows

Harvey Majesty Wood Windows: Harvey is a local manufacturer here in New England that is mostly known for their exceptional quality vinyl replacement windows. Their Majesty line of windows offers the availability for a wood interior. The aluminum clad exteriors are available in white, almond, bronze and forest green colors. The interior is pine or primed pine. Click here to see the Majesty’s hardware options. This window is Energy Star Rated. It is also available full or half screen.

We like the Majesty window because it is offered by Harvey, which is a quality manufacturer that stands behind their products. Majesty windows are a bit bulky though. You lose roughly 1 and a quarter inches around the entire perimeter of the window due to this bulk, and about 1 ¾ inch at the bottom. The all wood interior is good for staining or painting. The hardware now comes in a variety of options and the side jambs are either almond or white. The window has visible tilt latches and is available in full or half screen. The Majesty is a good option if you are staining,or on a limited budget.

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