Pella Replacement Windows

Precision Fit Replacement Windows: Architect Series and Designer Series

Pella makes a wood interior and aluminum clad exterior replacement window unit that is a high quality, low maintenance and historically correct. Here in New England, there are a lot of “boston sash” windows with lots of detail. Pella simulates these details very well. We like Pella for their professional service and quality products. Pella is very concerned with customer satisfaction and their service team is the one of the best in the business.

We recommend Pella windows for the following reasons:

  • Pella windows look very similar to the Boston Style sash of the northeast. The window sashes are cased with a bead molding that mimics the style of old windows.
  • The snap in grid system has a hidden clip that makes it invisible and attractive to look at from the inside. We believe it is easiest snap in grid on the market.
  • Pella’s simulated divided lite grids (muntins/divided lites) are very detailed, and again mimic the Boston Style windows of the past. It is a very detailed extruded aluminum on the exterior with a baked on enamel finish, and pine wood on the interior. There is a grey spacer bar in between the glass to give the illusion of true divided lites.
  • The window also comes in many exterior aluminum colors… White, Poplar White, Tan, Putty, Bronze, and Green, Grey, and Black. The interiors are available in pine, or primed or prefinished white.
  • Pella Designer Series Windows come in a triple pane option with a removable energy panel, snap in grids, or mini blinds/slimshade behind the 3rd pane.
  • Pella windows now have a hidden tilt feature that is much more functional than the older model. It is also available in full or half screens. The new model has an available all wood jamb option that reduces the amount of viewable interior vinyl jamb to a minimum.

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